Tee Times

Please note non-members will pay an RMB 200 fee to BGC to cover the additional costs. This fee will be refunded against the cost of membership, please join!

TianAn A+B, Sunday 27th Sept

13:00A1Thomas Partsch
Hcp 16.2 B
Jacob Namer
Hcp 12.9 B
Janus Schmidt Soerensen
Hcp 26.5 C
Ludovit Katuscak
Hcp 22.3 C
13:00A2Krassimir Tzvetanov
Hcp 15.3 B
Mace Rosen
Hcp 17.8 B
Peter Kinyua
Hcp 14.5 B
Markku Lahteenmaki
Hcp 23.0 C
13:00A3Markel Hubinette
Hcp 6.0 A
Jonas Broberg
Hcp +0.6 A
Marielle Linden
Hcp 0.0 A
Lavina Collins
Hcp 36.0 C
13:00A4Michael Charlton
Hcp 8.0 A
Peter Jones
Hcp 19.7 B
Mike Hughes
Hcp 20.6 B
Bill Neenan
Hcp 20.1 B
13:08A1Neil Alinsangan
Hcp 18.4 B
Svetlana Tsareva
Hcp 29.7 C
Chen Mo
Hcp 10.1 A
Mec Kot
Hcp 26.6 C
Please note tee times and groups are subject to change, apologies for any inconvenience