Tee Times

Orient Pearl, Sunday 12 July

Please note non-members will pay an RMB 200 fee to BGC to cover the additional costs. This fee will be refunded against the cost of membership, please join!

12:001Michael Charlton
Hcp 7.7 A
Nick Hatfield
Hcp 13.7 B
Peter Kinyua
Hcp 16.2 B
Krassimir Tzvetanov
Hcp 14.5 B
12:0010Tomas Appelquist
Hcp 27.7 C
Andreas Spreter
Hcp 27.3 C
Mario Haak
Hcp 25.2 C
Joakim Gorsberg
Hcp 1.1 A
12:081Par Zakariasson
Hcp 20.0 B
Paul McNeill
Hcp 13.1 B
Mattias Fors
Hcp 10.4 A
Bill Neenan
Hcp 21.2 C
12:0810Jonas Broberg
Hcp 0.7 A
Peter Jones
Hcp 19.5 B
Mimmie Broberg
Hcp 3.9 A
Neil Alinsangan
Hcp 19.0 B
12:161Sean Fanning
Hcp 3.5 A
Erik Dahl
Hcp 5.8 A
Joseph Keating
Hcp 26.3 C
Wayne King
Hcp 10.9 A
12:1610Mark ON
Hcp 7.2 A
Joel Baek
Hcp 5.1 A
Skip Setliff
Hcp 9.0 A
Markku Lahteenmaki
Hcp 25.7 C
Please note tee times and groups are subject to change, apologies for any inconvenience