The Beijing Golfers Club is one of the oldest social golf clubs in China and has been operating on a not-for-profit basis since 1995.

The club was formed in 1995 by a group of dedicated expat golfers who wanted to make it easy to play golf in Beijing. This small band of friends rapidly expanded to a large networking group that was able to negotiate good deals with local Beijing golf courses to minimise cost and maximise playing opportunities.

The active membership of around 150 men, women and juniors is comprised mainly from the expat community and consists of a wide demographic of countries, careers and family backgrounds

Tournaments are held every weekend from March to November and typically attract 30-60 golfers. BGC provide transportation to and from the courses and arrange all of the golf activities, as well as providing prizes across several categories, from beginners to experienced golfers – making it very easy to play golf in Beijing.

Further information can be found:
on this website
via our WeChat account (Beijing Golfer’s Club QR code below)
by emailing golf@beijing-golfers-club.org
or by contacting Club Administrator “Rainbow” on +86 138 1144 1543
or by contacting Rainbow via her WeChat account “Q95544587”