Become a BGC Sponsorship Partner

The BGC relies on the kind generosity of our sponsors to maintain the club and provide prizes at the weekly events.

Most sponsorships directly benefit the members through gifts, prizes or services and provide great exposure to members, players and the local community – we aim to create sponsor partnerships from which everyone benefits

Sponsorships can come in several forms
• Beneficial services to the members
• Voucher prizes for winners
• Cash used to purchase prizes and welcome gifts for new members
• Cash for the services required to keep the club going

Sponsor Partner Benefit

• Regular WeChat promotions to the 350+ BGC member’s WeChat group
• Branding on the website
• Promotional emails to the 500+ full BGC member’s group
• Branding at the tournaments – on-course and at the award ceremonies
• The right to distribute marketing and promotional material at tournaments
• Invitation to attend the tournaments, present the prizes and introduce your products/business to the membership
• Complimentary memberships of the BGC (dependent on the sponsorship tier)

Sponsorship Levels

There are various levels of sponsorship available, providing varying levels of benefit depending on the market value of the sponsorship offered – just contact us for more detail.

As a rough guide, there are a few common ways of supporting BGC, either through vouchers or products provided by the sponsor:

A voucher/product for the 40 events per year (typical value RMB250)

A voucher product for the 10 “big events” per year – Polar Classic, Club Championship and Monthly Medals (typical value RMB500)

IN ADDITION to the above: Sponsors are welcome to provide a voucher, product, gift or discount flyer for the “Polar Classic” or “Club Championship” gift bag – our biggest events of the year (up to 100+ golfers) at the start and end of the season, a great way to introduce and promote your business!